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    Tooling: The Heart of Choosing a Press Brake

    When you’re buying a new press brake, tooling decisions come first When considering a new press brake purchase, focus on the tooling and forming method first. How will your staff react to changes? How steep will the learning curve be? Also, think about where your company is headed and the markets it serves. THE FABRICATOR...
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    How to Calculate Forming Tonnage for Press Brake Tooling

    One of the most important aspects of press brake forming is tooling selection. What are the tools capable of? What kinds of loads can they withstand? Discovering the limits of press brake tooling THE FABRICATOR AUGUST 2000 MAY 30, 2001 BY: STEVE BENSON Straight Punch Tonnage  Some press brake tooling manufacturers give a maximum allowable tonnage...
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    Analyzing Shear Features

    Basic knowledge can impact productivity, safety Understanding shears is a matter of understanding shear features, including design and drive systems. This article offers information about evaluating shears and includes a list of 20 enhancements and explains each of them. THE FABRICATOR® JANUARY 1999 JULY 26, 2001 BY: STEPHEN A. LAZINSKY Shear type ...
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    8 ways to keep your shear in top shape

    Improving uptime and reducing maintenance when using shears for high production could mean following a few key steps. By Robert Kotynski Originally published in The Fabricator August 1999 Shears are common pieces of fabricating equipment that can be found in many metal forming plants. From tube mills to small fabricators, the shear is one of...


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